What is Lead Generation Program?

After working many years in the field of sales & marketing we have observed some important Things.There are certain gaps between the expectation of sales and offering from marketing.In order to bridge those gaps the Tradeweb India Lead Generation Program is established a specialized marketing company work on generation qualified lead for your business.

Objective of Lead Generation Program:

  • Sales-Generate qualified leads which are appreciated by sales team.
  • Position -Create awareness about brand among all potential customer and markets.
  • Performance-Contribute substantially toward the national sales, awareness about specific application.
  • Reduction of ground work by sales team

LGP Elements:

  • Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Specialized  Mailers
  • Networking Management
  • Web Marketing & Print media
  • Tradeshows & Seminars

How  Our Lead Generation Program Works?

LGP  Process:


  • Most critical component is efficiency of data.
  • Most known problems with quality of data.
  • Telemarketing

  • The company doesn’t exists.
  • The customer in not in that business.
  • The Number is not correct.
  • The Number is not responding.
  • What is the efficiency of data.
  • No control over general or specific targeted accounts.

Some Successful Samples:

Sample Lead-South Region

Status: Competitor Customer

M/s. Aishwarya Seeds Company

1-143, RTC Colony, Medchal,

Ranga Reddy

Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh,

Cont No_______________,,

Discp: “Spoke to Mr. Surendra he told that they are into Veg & Crop Seeds. They are packing both the Veg as well as field crops in the laminated pack. They have 2 Domino ECM & their packing volume is around 8 Lacs packs annually. He wants to buy a 4 Lines Printer in March. Since the volumes are increasing they are planning to put a new line and the expected volumes for the new line will be around 1.5 lacs per month in the season. The intro is already sent”.

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